We are regularly and frequently plagued by all kinds of pest in our daily lives. They might not all be dangerous or even liable to bite us, but they can appear when least expected and give some folks a nasty fright.

No one likes to be bothered by flying insects whether they can bite or not. Flies are just a nuisance, whereas mosquitoes, gnats and the like can bite us without us knowing and leave itchy welts on our skin. Other flying insects such as bees, wasps and hornets can give us a nasty sting and some people are allergic to their venom and can end up being hospitalized from their stings.

Rodents can cause damage and spread disease aside from being a real problem especially when you have a natural fear of them. Cockroaches are often considered even worse and even though they are harmless to humans, they can carry the salmonella virus and transfer it to any uncovered food they come into contact with.

It makes a lot of sense therefore to do everything you can to at least minimize the risk of being attacked by such creatures when outdoors and eradicating them completely from inside your home. This site has been created to help you to deal with such pests either by providing useful tips into how to get rid of them yourself using sensible measures, or by providing third party solutions that are highly effective and long lasting.