This section of the website is all about those scurrying little six legged pests, ants! Anything you might want to know about these prolific little (and not so little) insects will eventually find its way in here!

The idea is to build a comprehensive information repository of information, covering just about everything these hard working little insects do plus some side information.

Ants are everywhere on this earth, and there are untold numbers of them. No one even knows for sure a rough estimate of how many of these creatures there are among us. They are quite probably the most numerous of all insect genus alive today.


These insects are highly social and live in colonies better known as nests which are generally built underground in gardens, open ground, beneath buildings and anywhere out of direct sunlight. They work in an almost regimented manner with a very strict internal hierarchy operating within each conclave.

Each colony is based around its queen, which is the only member of the group that lays eggs. The rest of the insects are divided between workers and drones. The drones have the job of looking after the eggs laid by the queen, while the workers have the task of foraging for food and defending the nest from invaders.

Here we include information on all kinds of these insects, how to control them when they become too invasive, how to get rid of them altogether when they become a serious nuisance plus some information about them in general.

Fire Ants and Other Stinging Varieties

This will include stuff on fire, army, soldier, processional and other stinging varieties of the otherwise harmless creatures. I'll be taking a close look at ant control when they become a nuisance, like how to get rid of them when they become pests in your garden or home, plus some off the wall stuff like their behavior traits and habits.

I will also be looking at the way these creatures live and their fascinating life cycle. There is a lot we can learn from these insects and their lifestyle just by studying and understanding them.

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