What is the best way to control mosquitoes? Are they a pest in your area? Then you can find out how to get rid of this particular flying menace right here!

dead mosquitoJust think how relieved you'll feel when you can finally be rid of biting mosquitoes and consign these annoying insect pests to the past! Well you can by using some of the devices and products that we have highlighted on this page!

But first of all, are you plagued by these tiny flying insect pests in your area? Then I reckon you are probably already looking for information on the best ways to deal with them, right?

Understanding Mosquitoes

I know it helps to have a better understanding of how these pests multiply and thrive in your area so you can mount the most effective attack on them. After all, the saying "know your enemy" is an apt one in this situation. Because when you know how these pests proliferate, you can hit them where it will do the most damage to their numbers.

You can read how to do that right here as well as get all the info on the latest devices and repellents to get rid of mosquitoes from your area. Then I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy using your backyard, patio, porch or other outdoor space in the warm months of the year without being bothered by these pests any more.

What makes these devices and products "the best?" They have been chosen after research has identified them as being the most effective means of controlling mosquito numbers. We have also taken in to account the ratio of positive customer reviews to negative ones and have to agree that at least in this context, "the customer is always right!"

Know Thy Enemy: How Mosquitoes Thrive

When you know how mosquitoes breed, reproduce and thrive in your area, then you have a great weapon to use against them in your fight to rid yourself of their annoying presence. Because when you can prevent them from breeding, you can make a huge dent in their ability to pester you!

Mosquitoes plague outdoor parties, barbecues and other fun outdoor gatherings during the warm summer evenings when all you want to do is enjoy yourself. They fly around stealthily in the semi darkness unseen and often unheard unless they happen to fly right by your ear. Then they strike without you knowing, drawing your blood and leaving you with an itchy bump on your skin as they fly off equally stealthily!

How Do They Breed?

It is the female mosquito that bites you and consumes your blood to enable her to lay her eggs. She lands on a patch of exposed skin so lightly you rarely ever know she's there. Then she injects you with a local anesthetic through her proboscis to stop you noticing when she starts to suck up your blood through the same tiny hollow pipe. This is how she spreads disease!

She flies away to look for a pool of stagnant water in which to lay her eggs. The size of the pool is not important. It can be a still pond or just a cupful of water collected in a rock hollow, discarded tire or even a flower pot saucer!

The larger the pool, the more eggs she will lay in there. The larvae soon hatch out of the eggs and go looking for food, which will be any tiny pond life they come across. They are vicious hunters and voracious eaters!

The larvae need air to breath and go to the surface of the water when they are not feeding and use surface tension to "stick" to the surface to breath. They eventually go through metamorphosis and emerge as adult mosquitoes, ready to fly back to your home and start the cycle all over again. This cycle lasts only a few days!

Now you know how to beat them!

Go in search of any pools of stagnant water on and nearby your property and eliminate them if you can. Larger pools such as ponds can be treated with a film that breaks the surface tension and drowns the larvae. If you have a pond in your garden, stock it with goldfish--they eat mosquito larvae!

Dealing With Adult Mosquitoes

Once you have eliminated their breeding grounds, you should then deal with the existing adult mosquitoes. There are several very good products that you can use in your fight for a mosquito-free barbecue evening!

It goes without saying that if you don't already have mesh fly-screen fitted to your windows and doors, then you should install this front-line defence to keep them out of your house!

Articles, Products and Devices

Take a look below at some of the titles we have on the subject and you'll doubtless see something of interest to you. We cover several top products that will help you to eradicate this nuisance from your home while there are some amazing devices that will decimate their numbers in your garden and immediate outdoor vicinity.

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